Using The Tools

Once you have mastered setting goals and adding resources and notes to them, you may want to explore the social features of the tools.

Have a look at the left hand menu in the charting tools []]. Here you can look at all the notes in the system, and all the resources which have been added. Most interesting is probably to look at all the goals in the system ...

One of the key features of these tools is that they are social and everyone in the system can see everyone else’s goals (click All Goals’ in the menu at the left). Similarly you can see all resources and all notes in the system by clicking the relevant links on your Charting home page.

Have a look at the other goals in the system. If you see any which link with your own you may wish to adopt them. This means you can see when the original owner adds new resources or notes. And it allows you to add your own resources and notes to their stack.

Remember, different individuals will articulate their goals in different ways. Some users will articulate goals which are task or outcome oriented, others may create precise, granular goals. Goals may be abstract or concrete, long-term or short-term. Have a look at the other goals defined in the system: you may find that similar goals can be articulated in different ways by different people. If you find a similar goal but don’t want to adopt it, perhaps you could leave a comment on one of the resources or notes attached to the goal. In this way you can highlight a common interest with the other users.

Finally, remember that some of the goals you read may correspond to goals you have achieved in the past. If so, then again the tools provide the opportunity to connect with the other user and provide some reflection, recommend a resource, or suggest a strategy.