Bugs Questions and Thoughts


  • Clicking 'Back' link on page from either a note or a note in the process of being edited results in a 'something went wrong' message.
  • When you edit a note and click 'update' you remain in the editing mode and have to click 'Show' to see the saved note. Would be better if the action of update also changed the loaded page from the form to The equivalent action on goals works in this way.
  • Although a user can delete goals they own they disappear from the list of their goals, but they don't disappear form the list of all goals!


  • allow users to unsubscribe from goals.
  • allow groups - a simple implementation focused on helping people find each other, rather than on creating exclusive groups. It would be good if an individual could join more than one group. Thinking through the main implications for this are for search/display (search goals in a group, display goals from a group) etc.
  • allow saving of PDF resources in chrome - if you click on a page which is a PDF when in chrome, the bookmarklet doesn't display the form (may be something to do with chrome's PDF handling).

Further ideas (January 2013)

  • re-order goals
  • import from delicious - or have some link between these goals and delicious (you can do this manually by adding a delicious tag page to a goal). HP: The Delicious import interface could allow user to drag tags under learning goals. Bookmarks with these tags would be imported, all other tags/bookmarks would be ignored.


  • Identify appropriate open source license and OS community and prepare code for release,
  • Prepare documentation (of API, of installation, administration etc. doesn't need to be extensive, but needs to allow tools/code to stand alone for future developers.)


  • improve look of charting chrome bookmarklet (styles seem messed up. Mix of different sized text).
  • administration tools. delete the extra goals from testing


  • longer goal description DONE
  • add search DONE
  • URL in firefox extension DONE
  • speed of server MOVED TO GCU.CHARTING.AC.UK
  • save button not visible on very long URLs FIXED
  • editing goals (Something went wrong). FIXED
  • adding long URLs in charting bookmarklet. FIXED


  • put write password on wiki