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Welcome to the wiki supporting the Charting Tools developed by the Caledonian Academy at Glasgow Caledonian University.


Charting is the process whereby an individual monitors and optimises their interaction with the people and resources who contribute to their learning and development. To support our research on this topic, we have developed prototype Charting Tools which support goal articulation and sharing.

You can read blog posts and papers decribing the concept on the Further Reading page. Or view a short demo video about the tools on youTube:

Using the Tools: Getting started.

The prototype Charting Tools are hosted at For help using the tools, read the following pages:

For an overview of the tools view the video above, or have a look at the image below. Read the pages below for further information.

  1. log in and set some goals
  2. If you use Firefox, install the firefox Charting Tool extension OR If you use Chrome, install the chrome Charting Tool bookmarklet
  3. Use the Charting Tools
  4. More on Using the Tools

Information about the theme:

Further set up: initial setup tasks.