Guide to installing the firefox extension.

these instructions were written for windows 7 and firefox 8 but should work for all recent versions of firefox and windows. For macs, the instructions will be slightly different, but will still work.

if you haven't already logged in to the charting tool and set some goals, do so first: Log in and Set Goals

  • Install or update firefox (it is always best to have the most up to date version).
  • go to (opens in new window) and log in. Click the link for the Firefox plugin (extension).
  • click through any messages about firefox disallowing the site from installing software (click allow).
  • click Install Now, to install the extension
  • click Restart now, to restart the browser

The Charting Tool extension is now installed and can be accessed by right-clicking. Before you can use them you need to confirm some settings as follows.

  • right click on the toolbar at the top of your browser and click 'customise' or click 'View ... Toolbars ...Customise' from the menus.
  • scroll to the bottom of the window which appears and drag the two buttons 'Charting Options' and 'Note this Page' to your browser toolbar (e.g. next to the home icon).
  • click 'Done'
  • click the star button (Charting Options). Check the Server URL is set to
  • right click on the main browser window and click 'Resync Charting'. This will synchronise the goals you defined on the site with the charting tool.

The Charting Tool firefox extension is now ready to use.