Charting Tools

Once you have logged in and set some goals and installed a firefox extension or chrome bookmarklet, you can start using the tools to collect resources to support your goals.

The concept behind the tools is that you browse the web as normal and when you discover a source you may find useful in achieving a particular goal, you use the Charting Tool extension/bookmarklet to link it to that goal.

  • In firefox, click the 'post it' button and fill in the form, checking the box next to the relevant goal. Or
  • In chrome, click the 'tag this page' bookmarklet.In the dialogue which appears, click choose the appropriate goal from the drop down and click add.

In each case, resources can be added to more than one goal.

This is similar to social bookmarking tools such as delicious, but the use of goals as the 'tag' is intended to broaden the range of resources stored under any one tag.

Also, as well as saving resources, you can save notes. These can be linked to a particular resource or linked directly to a goal.

Finally, these tools encourage you to include your own resources as well as those created by others. If you have created a web page or blog post which is related to a particular goal, why not add that as well.

If you have saved resources and made notes, you may want to start exploring the tools in a little more detail. See: Using the Tools